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Women and Therapy

RGM Psychotherapy Resources is a practice that is operated by a man. Needless to say it is impossible for a man to know what it is like to be a woman in our society. But it is possible to understand the difficulties of relating to difficult men and trying to raise children who will not adhere to a mother's authority.

Women face challenges never before seen in our society. Many American families now depend upon a working mother in order for the family to financially survive. Given that huge responsibility, there is also the ever-present responsibility of being a wife and mother. How does a woman balance those aspects of her life in this new social context? How does the work get set up between the husband and wife with regard to child rearing, finances, cooking, laundry, cleaning and personal freedoms?

Many women are unwittingly trying to live according to the rules of the society that existed in the mid 20th century. They continue to feel on some deep inner level that it is their responsibility to keep the house, cook the food, take care of the children and etc. Husbands are trying to live according to that model as well, the fifty's model that is... they work, come home and want to enjoy their home as their castle. Friction is bound to result.

Women need to learn how to effectively handle the anger they feel over the inequities they experience in their daily lives. Many women, especially single mothers, need help learning to handle their children’s various undesirable behaviors. Many women will have to learn how to assert themselves with their husband’s, but to do so without alienation.

There is help here at RGM for women who want to relate more effectively with their husbands and who want to learn to parent effectively.

And for those women who have decided to call it quits with their husbands, there is also help getting through divorce.

And those kids are still going to have to learn to behave.

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