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Meet Ray

Ray Messer is a seasoned and experienced therapist/counselor who has worked in the Dayton area for more than 30 years. He was raised on a farm in western Pennsylvania by a blue collar father and a stay-at-home mother. He attended a small college not far from his home and obtained a B.S. of Education with Chemistry major. He migrated to Dayton to study religion in 1978 after having been a school teacher in western PA for six years. While attending United Theological Seminary in Dayton he obtained employment as a College Work Study employee at Good Samaritan Hospital and was eventually hired by GSH to provide therapy and counseling to Children, Adolescents and their families until he left there the mid-1990’s.

After completing the MSW degree program at the University of Cincinnati in 1991, he worked in private practice with the Flexman Clinic and South Suburban Mental Health Associates until he opened his own full-time psychotherapy practice in 1994.

Ray is a husband, father, stepfather and grandfather with interests in writing, cooking and travel.

Probably the most noteworthy aspect of the way Ray works is the fact that he is a straight talker who believes that in order for people to improve their lot in life, they have to acknowledge their own role in creating much of the pain they endure. He is aware that this is by far one of the more difficult aspects of any successful therapy or counseling experience, yet he understands that without true self-revelation very little will change for the suffering person.