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Couples Therapy/Counseling

Probably one of the more perplexing issues among people is the fact that so many people who were once in love can’t stand being around one another anymore.

This happens for a variety of reasons, but one thing is certain, many people choose divorce because they did not find adequate counseling or therapy. And with lawyers charging more than two hundred dollars per hour, therapy/counseling is often far less expensive (both financially and emotionally) than divorce.

It is safe to say that the primary reason most marriages fall on hard times is because the participants blame the other for the problems in the relationship rather than look within themselves to see what they are doing to promote misery rather than joy.

The solution seems simple: two people in a marriage must accept personal responsibility for what he or she is doing to sabotage the relationship. Each must work in parallel with the other to stop doing harmful things and start doing things that will promote positive growth.

RGM will provide education, insight, guidance and support for couples who want to make things better for themselves. There is a way for couples to get back to one another, if they truly want to do so and if they get the right kind of help.

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