RGM Psychotherapy Resources

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Many people (providers included) are not fully aware of the differences between counseling and psychotherapy. There are differences and as it goes, people should at least know what they are getting when they go to see a therapist or counselor.

Counseling, simply put, is an arrangement between a client and a counselor for the purpose of obtaining an answer to a specific problem or set of problems. The client tells the counselor the nature of his problem and the counselor will provide recommendations and advice suitable for resolving the problem.

Psychotherapy on the other hand is the product of a relationship between a therapist and a patient for the purpose of helping that patient uncover the unconscious motives and forces that drive his or her life. Psychotherapy is often a much longer process than counseling in that the patient is encouraged to draw his or her own conclusions from what he or she learns from the sessions, and then apply what has been learned within that person’s life.

Ray incorporates a balance between these two services in his work and his practice. It is his belief that providing people with insight and personal observations will help to shorten the length of the experience. This helps reduce costs and save time.

Individuals seeking service at RGM Psychotherapy Resources will experience a service that more closely resembles psychotherapy. This is due to the fact that individuals must work within themselves to find those things that are blocking their way toward increased health. Couples and parents will find that they experience a greater mix of counseling in their sessions; this is due primarily to the notion that once something of importance is uncovered and understood as unhealthy, something healthy must be put in its place. It is at this point that recommendations and suggestions are given to the clients. After all, what good is insight into what is “wrong”, if there is no awareness as to what is “right”.