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Children and Parenting

Ray Messer has been working with Children, Adolescents and their families throughout his career as a therapist. He has developed strategies for intervention that often include as much work for the parents as is applied to the youngsters in treatment.

The interventions for youth at RGM are provided along developmental lines with children being treated according to the nuances of the developmental level at which  he or she is functioning.

The workings of system’s theory provide the cornerstone for most of the counseling and therapy cases at RGM. This theory simply states that the family functions as system of interactions supplied by each of the members.   If one of the members alters his or her actions in the system, an effect will be felt elsewhere in the system. When parents are taught this theory they can become facilitators of change within their families. Further when parents alter the way they parent their children according to prescribed interventions, the children will respond accordingly. In many ways, RGM teaches parents to be “therapists” for their children.

Ray Messer has also worked with some of the more severely damaged children our society has to offer. Since about 1990 he has treated foster children and children who have been adopted at ages beyond infancy from homes and orphanages (U.S., Russia, China, Korea, the Ukraine, and Romania). These children often suffer a condition called Reactive Attachment Disorder. These children are resistant to traditional therapy and often require interventions that are intense and nontraditional.

In 2002 Ray Messer started writing a workbook for use in his work with parents in his practice. By 2005 that workbook had grown into a parenting manual titled The Dynamics of Powerful Parenting; A Human Nature Approach, that book is now available for sale through this website.

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